Isolator switches, fuses, bulbs, lighting, cables


Regulators, copper pipe, compression fittings, olives


Silencers, engine oil, fuel and oil filters, stern glands

Heating and Plumbing

Multifuel stoves, chimneys, stove paint, Hep2O fittings, pumps


Louvre vents, mushroom vents, rods, plaques, tiller arms, bells

Rope and Fenders

Rope, Fenders, Tipcats, Buttons, shock cord

Books and Maps

Nicholsons, Pearsons, Geoprojects, Landranger

Cleaning Products

Toilet cleaners, Elsan Blue

Paint and Paint Supplies

Boat enamel paint, varnish, lacquer, brushes, rollers

Exterior Gear

Mushroom vents, Windows, Boat hooks, Boat poles

Boat Safety

Extinguishers, Fire blankets

Opening Hours

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